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Introducing iMobileProfiles: Phone Specifications and Prices in Nigeria | ImobileProfiles
Sunday , 24 June 2018

Introducing iMobileProfiles: Phone Specifications and Prices in Nigeria

Are you ready to get real up to date information on Phones, gadgets and their prices in Nigeria? we got you covered.
Our Goal is to serve you with unlimited up to date information on Specifications/Comparisons of phones and gadgets in Nigeria, not leaving out how much they cost in the market.
We do not sell phones, but we make sure that you have a settled mind and adequate knowledge before you go ahead with purchasing any type and brand of phone.
Our reviews might vary a bit due to the version of phone you may purchase, but be rest assured that you won’t be misled into getting a poor delivering gadget as our reviews are thoroughly done.

Why you should stick with us:

    Awesome graphic designs to make you love everything lovable about your favourite brands, putting into consideration devices with higher resolutions.
    A compare interface that allows you to place two phones side by side while you compare the prices and specifications.
    A Comment tab that allows new visitors and users to comment without having to first register
    Every registered user gets a beautiful account page.

Ratings can be made for each device or gadget that is on review, thereby helping potential owners know what they’re going for and make a better choice.

We’d be most delighted to hear your thoughts, views and ideas on what we’ve done and improvements you think we should consider. Also please report any bugs or flaws you might see along with your operating system and browser of choice, so we can fix it as soon as possible.
Happy Profiling!

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